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Thank you. I am glad you liked it.

Nice escape game, but the fuse is a little bit hard to find.

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Thank you for the play through and the feedback.

@FalconGameStudio I want to let you know this was the most well game that were developed, I love all the details and the story behind it. Please!!! DM more games to play from you because this was great. Good Work, Check out of my game play at the bottom.

Thank you. I am very glad you liked it.

I gave this game a play and I found the controls to be a little tricky to work with but overall it's a good game with a creepy and mysterious vibe to it. 

Thank you for playing. Can you tell me what was tricky with the controls so I can improve it?

The system of using numbered buttons to select an item in your inventory as well as using the mouse button rather than say f to use your flashlight or some other button on the keyboard to take some getting use to. It didn't completely ruin the experience by any means though it is a high quality game and that is just my personal thoughts, I'm sure lots of people are just fine with those controls. 

I understand your point of view. Thank you very much.

hello, I played this game and it was a fine game, the voice acting wasn't good but over all its a neat game, good work :)

Hi. Thanks for playing. Can you tell me what did you not like about the voice acting exactly? The acting itself or the sound quality or something else?

The acting itself was kind of unnatural to the situation imo, like the start was good when you wake up but some of the other dialogues were a bit off like (I need both hands, I can't see anything, of course its locked, etc)

I see. Thank you very much.

Good game, I hope you continue to develop it.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

На Русском!

Hi masterzova. This youtoube video is private, I cannot open it.

Thank you for playing the game. Unfortunately you found a bug, you should not be able to go through the door without opening it. I fixed it now.

i'm sorry! I publish my videos at 9:00 (Moscow time orion) It can be unviable before. Thank you for waiting! Game is very good! I will play others games by FalconGameStudio!

I thank you that you found the bug. Without a video I might have not found it for a long time.

cool game, but where to find this thing for big door?

Hidden in the rooms. :) Look around.
I can tell you if you want in a private message.